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US and Russia are returning to an era of nuclear rivalry


Washington: A controversy between Moscow and Washington over cruise missiles and increasingly daring patrols by nuclear-capable Russian submarines, threaten to end an era of arms control and widen dangerous rivalry between the world’s two dominant nuclear powers.
Now the tensions in this regard have attained a new status as the US decided to establish retaliatory actions on Russian development over new cruise missile. Washington alleged that there are violations with respect to one of the key arms control treaties of the cold war, and the situation has raised the prospect of redeploying its own cruise missiles in Europe after a 23-year absence.
In return to this, the US military has launched the first of two experimental “blimps” over Washington. The system, known as JLENS, is designed to detect incoming cruise missiles. The North American Aerospace Command (Norad) did not specify the nature of the threat, but pointed about the deployment which comes nine months after the Norad commander General Charles Jacoby admitted that the Pentagon had been facing some “significant challenges” in countering the capability of cruise missiles. They were particularly referring the threat of Russian submarine attacks.
Those submarines, which have been making incursion across the Atlantic, routinely carry nuclear-capable cruise missiles. In the light of aggressive actions from Moscow and the expiry of treaty-based restrictions, there appears an uncertainty over whether those missiles carry nuclear warheads. In general, the American decision to retaliate Russian developments over new cruise missile have developed a new range of tension globally.


Video on Cruise missile testing