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Wild Koala bear tries to drive a family car


Geelong (Australia): A school boy was astonished when he saw a Koala bear sitting at the wheel of the family car.
To his surprise, the boy could view the bear at the steering system of a Land Rover and seemed to check its blind spot.
The boy named Sam Box was just got off the school bus at the end of the day and happened to see the koala trying to drive the vehicle.
The both paws of the furred creature was firmly on the wheel.
The quick-thinking teen took out his mobile and clicked some adorable pictures.
Sam lives with his dad on a 200-acre sheep farm in Maude, near Geelong in the state of Victoria.
When the boy opened the door of the vehicle, the furry just got out and walked away.
Sam’s father Michael expressed that he couldn’t believe his eyes when his son showed him the pictures.


Video on the Koala which tried to steal the family car