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Woman on Cliff sweeps off in Ireland by giant waves


Dublin: Giant waves are reported to have swept off a woman standing on a cliff near the sea coast in Ireland.
The dramatic scene has been captured on video by an American student who happened to be at the venue at that moment .
Brian Smith, who is studying in Ireland, said that he and his fiancee were rushed to the area where they could get phone service to inform the coast guard regarding the incident.
Many others were also rushed over to help rescue the woman who is still in conscious state.
Irish media has identified the woman as Aparajita Gupta from India and said that the woman was visiting the Aran Islands with her mother.
The area is popular for tourists who used to come there to view the spectacular so-called “Worm Hole”.
Warm Hole is a natural rectangular pool developed at the bottom of the cliffs off Galway.
The ill fated woman Gupta is found to have broken her left ankle and suffered some cuts and injuries during the fall.
She is reported to have been recovering at the Galway hospital where she was admitted immediately after the accident.
Regarding the incident Gupta told that the force of waves had softened her fall and hence the impact of the fall was not as great as it could have been.
She also added that the rock next to her on which she managed to hold on, prevented her from having a great fall.
A paramedic who happened to be at the scene is reported to have rescued the woman in a miraculous manner by ignoring his own life.
It is said that he would be considered for an award of bravery.


Video on the woman’s fall from the cliff