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A German drives his car onto underground train track


Dortmund: A Grey Ford Focus car is reported to have entered into the railway station at Dortmund.
Following the incident the railway authorities were forced to suspend the train services until the automobile vehicle on the track got removed.
The driver responsible for this untoward incident was found to be totally confused.
The 31 year old driver who has been servicing as a soldier was in drunken state.
With respect to the strict German laws, his name has not been disclosed till this time.
The accident was when he turned the car into a tunnel at the U-Bahn, meant for the local underground trains to pass-through.
The German city, Dortmund has a combined public transport system, where the underground trains at U-Bahn run as trams for stretches on the city streets above ground, before returning to the underground tunnels.
The driver in the car is assumed to have followed a tram which turned off the road and then into the tunnel. During his driving he would have ignored the warning signals and forgotten the fact that the road has given way to a train track.
During his driving through the track he is said to have blocked a train service on the U42 line.
U-Bahn railway staff had struggled a lot to get the car off the track.
In the end they had to push its back up by hand to get it out of the station.
Following the accident the train services were interrupted for several hours.
The cost of the train disruption is estimated to be €3,000 (£2,200).
To make matters still worse, the unfortunate driver had only a provisional license, which is said to have lost
from him.

Video on the car which entered into the train track