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A monster sea creature spotted on British coast


Plymouth Sound, Devon (UK): A mysterious sea creature is reported to have found swimming against the current on the Devonshire coastline.
The spectator who spotted the unusual animal about half a mile offshore in Plymouth Sound, Devon was absolutely in shock.
Allan Jones who came to take snaps of the bizarre creature said that it looked like a huge crocodile.
The university technician said that it must have a length not less than 20ft.
He said that he had never seen a monster creature like this before.
Since the creature looked unusual, the spectators were eager to collect information regarding that.
It is said that the creature had a capacity to cover considerable distance in-spite of its movement in circular direction.
It appeared to curve its shape while moving from left to right. Then after turning, it moved back in the other way.


Video on the mystery sea creature viewed at the British sea coast