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Certain facts to be remembered by Sabarimala devotees


1. Devotees have to lead a celibacy life just after the commencement of the holy penance.
2. Honor parents, teachers and elders.
3. Care friends with love and respect
4. All living-beings are to be considered as the sacredness of Lord Ayyappa.
5. Arrogance and the habit of saying scandals are to be avoided totally.
6. Try to develop qualities such as sacrifice as well as charity.
7. They must be unmoved in their nature and try to transfer this unique quality to others.
8. Do the needful to remove hunger of the poor.
9. Give up fondness in luxury.
10. Worldly desires are to be rejected completely.
11. Competitive nature for securing wealth and position should be kept away.
12. They should not be envious in the development as well as growth of others.
13. If possible Yoga is to be practiced to develop mental power.
14. During the period of penance cosmetics and beauty products are to be avoided.
15. Devotees should not harm or kill any living beings.
16. They should not even think to steal the belongings of others.
17. It is not all desirable for them to tell stealth in the court.
18. Should not stand for bail regarding unfair matters.
19. They are advised not to go to places where young women are staying.
20. While entering in to other houses, chant the incantation of Lord Ayyappa.
21. People performing delinquency due to ignorance are to be diverted with proper advice.
22. Should not cheat anybody with respect to their mind, word and deed.
23. They have to maintain temperance and equality in all their dealings
24. Perform charity as well as righteousness.
25. Don’t have abnormal food.
26. Avoid evil thoughts.
27. Should not involve with political activities.
28. Intentions of extravagant business profit are to be kept away.
29. Help people who carry weight.
30. Plant trees and plants.
31. Devotional stories have to be told each other and propagated.
32. Devotees must be aware about Lord’s divine splendor which exists everywhere.
33. Don’t insult other religious rituals on the basis of racial thoughts.
34. Hatred, anger and revenge are to be kept away.
35. Try to acquire mental courage.
36. Avoid narcotics such as tobacco, liquor, smoking etc.
37. Hear only good and positive things which can keep the mind in a festive mood.
38. Don’t talk to anybody angrily.
39. Have bath daily before sunrise.
40. Try to please the Sun God by chanting his favorite incantation
41. Chant the incantation which pleads for the blessings of Lord Ayyappa and persuade others to utter the same.
It is believed that the devotees who perform the penance by following the aforesaid matters carefully can enjoy the blessings of Lord Ayyappa surely.
Pilgrim to the holy Sabarimala is just a short journey which enables devotees to approach Lord Ayyappa by means of dedicated devotion.

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