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Cinderella movie to release in March


The movie Cinderella retells the classic fairy tale in which a servant step-daughter wins the heart of a prince.
Director of the movie is Kenneth Branagh whereas the screen play is written by Chris Weitz.
Important castings of the movie are Lily James, Hayley Atwell, Helena Bonham Carter etc.
This Disney classic movie is a family entertainer.
Parents can view the movie with their kids.
Children will like the movie since Cinderella, her Disney Princess and colleagues are already familiar to them.
A massive marketing effort can be seen behind the familiarity of these characters.
To get the children attracted on these characters, their images are published on everything ranging from backpacks to toothpaste.
But in the movie, the little ones may be distressed by the actions of the wicked stepsisters as well as step-mother.
Even then, there are menus in the movie to create fun for the whole family.
The movie is expected to release on March 13th 2015.


Video on the upcoming Cinderella movie