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Mesmerizing march by Pokemon Pikachus


Yokohama: The Pikachu event allowed passers-by to watch as scores of larger-than-life Pokemon marched past with military precision. It was an impressive performance by the people in Pikachu costumes.
The mesmerizing Pokemon Pickachus were marching with unique style, almost resembling cute military parade. This adorable occasion was performed by the Pokemon universe’s most valued yellow residents who had taken the the streets to develop such a scene.
The Pikachu event, was held in Yokohama, Japan, allowed passers-by to stand, excited, while as many of the brightly-hued, red-cheeked cu-ties bumbled past.
But even though they are people clothed head to toe in dress-up costumes, not one of them were missed a beat. It was also almost impossible to stop watching.
Pikachu Tairyo Hassei Chu , or An Outbreak of Pikachus, was held in the Minato Mirai district of Yokohama, which locates south of Tokyo.
The event brought together more than 1,000 adorable pocket monsters.


Video on Pokemon Pikachu parade at Yokohama