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US rescues Saudi airmen from water south of Yemen


Washington: A Defense Department official said that the U.S. forces have rescued two Saudi airmen who were ejected from an F-15 fighter jet over waters at south of Yemen.
Saudi Arabian air-forces are now conducting air-strikes against Iran-allied Houthi rebels.
The official said that a U.S. helicopter was flown to neighboring Djibouti in the Gulf of Aden and rescued the airmen.
Initial reports said that the rescued airmen were “ambulatory.”
The destroyer aircraft carrier USS Sterrett has taken the lead of the situation. As per the reports, Saudi Arabia had requested assistance, coordinating assets from the U.S. naval base in Djibouti and the amphibious transport dock USS New York.
The officials were not authorized to discuss the operation by name and requested to keep the anonymity.
The information regarding the ejection of two airmen from their plane are still not revealed.


Video on airmen rescuing operation by the US